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TMstudio Pro

TMstudio Pro is an innovative offline programming software that is specifically designed for TM AI Cobot. With this software, you can create and simulate scenes using multiple cobots without the need for a physical robotic arm. This programming tool enhances efficiency and minimizes downtime by allowing you to test automation solutions before applying them to the actual cobot. The user-friendly interface lets you directly program and control the robot once it is connected. It is a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline cobot programming and optimize your results offline.


Advantages of utilizing TMstudio Pro

Time Saving

Design your robot solution quickly and easily without setting up the robot workstation in real world.

Reliable planning

Program your system with accurate cycle times


Detect collision and check robot reach for the application design.

Increase revenue

Present solutions to end customers and increase sales success (for system integrators)

Create automation solutions with ease and simplicity

Build your TM AI Cobot automation working cell in a virtual scene

  • Import CAD file instead of setting up the cobot in real world
  • Generate a path for the cobot from CAD
  • Free to generate multiple robots in the same virtual scene

Program the cobot project and simulate in a virtual scene

  • Program the same way as you would on the cobot
  • Import or export between TMstudio Pro and TM AI Cobot
  • Test your Custom Node in the virtual scene

Simulate your automation solution and do early troubleshooting

  • Visualize the cobot’s reach in the virtual scene
  • Perform collision detection and correct your solution
  • Estimate the cobot’s precise cycle time