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TM AI+ Training Server

Combining the Eye, Arm and Brain in Factory Automation

TM AI+ Training Server is a software tool that will help you manage image data, set up AI training parameters, and train AI models. The AI solution can help you train a model that fits your needs effortlessly. This AI model can be applied to both the robot arm and machine vision, thus forming a powerful combination of the arm(cobot), eye(machine vision), and brain(AI).

Main Features

4 Steps to Train an AI Model

Collect Image Data

  • Take multiple photos of the object and upload them to TM AI+ Training Server

TM AI+ Training Server​

  • Select the type of vision task: Classification, Detection, or Segmentation
  • Label the uploaded image samples
  • Configure training parameters and begin training
  • Evaluate the training outcome

Import AI model​

  • Download the trained AI model from the training server onto TM Robot or external camera
  • Begin AI inference

How Does AI Vision Work?

Types of AI Applications

Assembly Inspection​

Checking if the tires are wrapped with PE film

Checking if all wires are connected correctly

Content assembly missing parts detection


Sorting different materials for wooden furniture

Sorting the front and back side of the bubble wrap

Pizza flavor and crust type identification

Defect Inspection

Identifying objects with damage on the edge

Checking if there are metal scraps within the iron cylinder

Counting / Detection​

Counting object numbers in the tray

Checking if there are missing components on the PCBA

Object detection and 3D positioning

Scratches / Cut / Dent Inspection​

Checking scratches on DRAM gold fingers

Dent detection on metal casting


Label text reading

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